Four event options to choose from...


Are your kids jumping all the time all over the house? Reign in that energy and get your youngster participating in a fun jump rope challenge.  

Jumpers at this level, who are still learning to jump rope, or are still too young for jumping rope, will have an option of jumping exercises like rainbow jumps with a rope, jumping in and out of a hoop, two foot jumps forward and back or jumping jacks.  Activities will be geared toward learning to jump rope but proficiency is not at all necessary.  It's all about being active and burning some of that energy while helping to raise money for our schools.

Participants will be encouraged with weekly goals working on building up to jumping rope with consecutive revolutions.  Most jumping sessions will be about 5-10 minutes and participants are urged to do as many sessions as they like throughout the month of May.   

Jumpers at this level will have a chance to accomplish numerous activity milestones with "badges" awarded online throughout the competition. There will be opportunities to earn chances for fun prizes along the way.  

Novice Jumpers

This level is intended for children, teens or adults who are newer to jumping rope or haven’t jumped rope or exercised regularly for several months.  

Did you know that jumping rope is a great way to burn major calories and improve balance and coordination? Jumping rope is an effective cardio option that can be done in just a few minutes.    

Try a new activity this month and challenge yourself to gradually add more minutes to your jump roping.  For those of you still perfecting your jump roping skills, jumpers at this level can substitute jumping jacks for revolutions.  Increase your number of jumps and session length throughout the month as you build your fitness.

Strive to earn online "badges" by entering your jumps and reaching milestones.  Achieving key milestones will enter you into prize drawings.

Nimble Jumpers

This level is intended for children, teens or adults who are regular exercisers and are proficient at jumping rope.  Even if it’s been a while since you picked up a jump rope, if you are active or exercising regularly, you’ll have no problem getting back into it.  

All Jumpers will receive a tracking sheet with a recommended progression of jumps to build up your jumping throughout the month.  Start counting those playground jump rope sessions or add a few additional jump rope sessions to your already established exercise routine. The more jumping you do, the more milestones you’ll complete. Increase your number of jumps and session length throughout the month as you build your fitness. 

Strive to earn online "badges" by entering your jumps and reaching milestones.  Achieving key milestones will enter you into prize drawings. 

Ultra-Jump Challenge

This level is for regular exercisers who are proficient at jumping rope and are looking for a way to add variety and a challenge to their routine for the month of May. 

Ready to challenge your cardio fitness and strength while jumping rope?  Ultimate jumpers will be pushed to complete over 30,000 jumps in the month of May.  Do it all in one week or use it as a warm up and cool down to your current activities, but at this level, your cardio will be tested.  Mix up your work out with various jumping styles - basic jumps, double-unders, single leg jumps, slalom, stradle jumps, and even traveling jumps.  Of course, you’ll be awarded along the way.  Reach certain milestones and you’ll be entered for a chance to win prizes.  

T-Shirt Pickup

All participants will receive a specially designed 2021 Jump for Education T-shirt after the event is completed. Pickup will be available the first week June, at Center Street Elementary School, 700 Center Street, El Segundo, CA – in the parking lot at the corner of Mariposa and Center.  Participants residing outside of the local area may request, during registration, to have their T-shirt(s) shipped for a $5 fee.


As a Virtual Challenge event there is no way for the organizers to provide a monitored environment for participation in this event. Therefore it is critical that all participants understand that it is incumbent on them to take appropriate safety precautions while participating. Please be sure to follow all traffic laws when participating in an activity near roadways. Please also be conscious of current social distancing protocols and have a mask with you at all times while exercising in a public location.

Progress Reporting and Tracking

Jumpers will be responsible for tracking their own jumping sessions for the challenge. Each time you complete a session you will log into our RunSignUp Registration Site and enter your progress. Results will be available for viewing at that site throughout the event.

Milestones, Badges and Prize Drawings

As you log your jumping sessions your progress will be tracked. Milestones are set up for each event based on number of jumps completed and number of jumping sessions logged. When you achieve a milestone you will receive an online "badge" which will be placed in your virtual trophy case. Certain milestones are linked to Prize Drawings.  When you reach that milestone you will be entered into the drawing for that prize. There will also be prize drawing entry opportunities throughout the month of May by participating in special weekly activities and events.


Volunteers are critical to the success of the Big 5 Sporting Goods El Segundo JUMP for Education! Without the support of our community to help our event, we would not be able to raise the funds we do to support our local schools.  If you cannot participate in the event, then volunteering is a great way to support our schools.  This year, as a virtual event, we do not need as many volunteers, but we do still need help with t-shirt pickup and mailing on a few dates. A sign-up link will be posted in May.  Thank you for supporting our students! If you have any questions, please reach out to volunteer@esrun4education.com.

An Event for the Entire Family

Get out, get moving, burn off some of that quarantined energy and support our schools in the process.  Fun and healthy for the entire family.  Invite your family and friends, near and far to register and join us for this important school fundraiser.  

Keys to Jumping Rope Effectively

·     Put the handles of the jump rope into each hand.
·     Begin with the jump rope behind your body. ·     Simply let your wrists swivel slightly, instead of turning your arms in big circles.
·     When you jump, keep your arms relaxed and slightly bent.
·     Keep your upper-body movements to a minimum.
·     Your feet should barely clear the floor. ·     Bend your knees just slightly.
·     Swing the jump rope to the front of your body and when it gets close to your feet, JUMP!
Big 5 Run For Education is not only a major fundraiser for El Segundo’s K-12 public schools but is a way for our entire community to come together. Hosted by El Segundo’s PTA Council the Run For Education featured a moderate coastal climate, as well as, a tour of downtown El Segundo and its local residential neighborhoods. It was a true sampling if a small town Americana.